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Welcome to Rachel Reads in Wonderland

The first post on a new blog is all very exciting. Welcome to Rachel Reads in Wonderland, a blog dedicated to, well… reading. Some readers may know that for almost two years I've had a blog called Rachel Rambling On. I loved my little space on the internet but I feel like the time has come to move onto greener pastures. One of my biggest passions in life is reading. In fact, the first post I ever done on my first blog was about books. At first I aimed to blog solely about books but it didn't take long for me to become obsessed with blogging about whatever everyone else blogged about. Over time, I stopped blogging so much about books and started to hop on the beauty blogger train. In the end though, I just got fed up and wanted to go back to my roots, back to what interests me most….and this is where Rachel Reads in Wonderland comes in.

After much deliberation I decided to begin again. To start a completely new blog dedicated solely to literature. It's what I know best and what I enjoy writing about. As well as this, I have just finished my degree in English Literature, so what better way to put my degree to use than start a book blog, right?

I want to use Rachel Reads in Wonderland as a little space on the internet to share what I'm reading, my thoughts on different books and maybe even some posts about my degree and my upcoming Research Masters degree in English Literature.

I am beyond excited to share opinions on my favourite books, so prepare for major fangirling and geeking out. 
Love Rach xo


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